Say Hello to BigShot; the world’s first Organically Grown Botanical Mosquito and Agricultural Pest Control solution that really works 

Provides residuals greater than 21 – 30 days even throughout rainy cycles

The Dawning of the Age of A World
Free of Harmful Pesticides

It’s time we reverse the damage to our health & environment being caused by the poisoning of our food and water sources

BigShot Solution


The organically grown ingredients that make up the BigShot Mosquito & Agricultural Pest Control product are ingredients that have been formulated using EPA recognized FIFRA (GRAS) “generally recognized as safe” active and inert ingredients. These ingredients after decades of use globally have proven to have no harmful effects and therefore have unrestricted use as described on the label, and are registered within the U.S. states as a FIFRA 25(b) labeled product.



  • Effective Mosquito Control (adulticide and knock down)
  • Effective against mosquito larvae and pupa (no need for multiple chemicals)
  • Completely safe to use around adults, kids and pets
  • Completely safe for animals and aquatic life
  • Completely bee and butterfly friendly (saves beneficial pollinators)
  • Completely safe around gardens and plants
  • So safe, never worry about drift again even on windy days (less rescheduling)
  • 21 to 30 day residual even with rain events, requiring very limited re-sprays
  • Fresh botanical scent, unlike synthetic chemicals currently being used.
  • Excellent fungus control for plants and farm crops
  • Extremely effective and safe for aerial spraying because drift is not a concern
  • All ingredients are from organic sources, no synthetic chemicals are used
  • Registered for use within the individual State’s Department of Agriculture

BigShot Maxim is registered as an unrestricted Pesticide in Florida, Kills mosquitoes, ticks and now Citrus Greening

Florida Trial at Egan Farms.

Nursery trees exposed to the fields that have the dreaded citrus greening, the small trees were devastated by the citrus greening. They were defoliated and an application of bigshot at 4 ounces per gallon was applied every 15 days. The trees came back and are healthy with no sign of citrus greening, and at no risk to beneficial insects, humans, water or the environment.

Pictures show 5 months of lapse time without citrus greening returning due to BigShot Maxim.


We applied Bigshot Maxim to all 3,000 acres of our cotton in various applications with outstanding results. We consistently inspected 196 scout points within 10 days of every application with outstanding results!

We had hardly any bug or disease pressure at all this year. We applied it at various locations by air for mosquito control with excellent results. I have applied it to corn planted behind watermelons for insect & disease control with excellent results.

We have applied it to peanuts for disease control, pecans for fungicide & insects’ control, fruits for insect & disease control. All with great results. It’s the only product that I have ever used in my 35 years of farming & flying that manages & controls such a broad spectrum of things, it even controls fungus!

From a farming standpoint it has helped us save significantly on our input costs and increased our yields. From an aerial application position, it made my job fun again. Off target applications & drift are no longer an issue with a product that is good for the environment and does not kill beneficial insects.

BigShot Maxim for Safe Commercial and Residential Mosquito Control


BigShot Is The Safest Mosquito & Tick Control On The Market